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FAQ: Home Standby Generators & Generator Installation

Let’s face it: electricity is not always reliable here in Westchester. Storms can leave you without power for hours or even days at a time. It’s bad enough in summer when you lose your AC. But when winter arrives, you may find yourself without heat, which can be deadly. That’s why more and more homeowners are installing home standby generators that can keep them safe and comfortable when a storm knocks out the power.

TIP: Since permits and utility approvals are needed for some types of generator installation, the process can take time. It’s a good idea to get started as soon as possible.

Here’s what you need to know about home standby generators.


How to Save Energy & Lower Utility Bills at Home

Looking for ways to save energy?

Are your utility bills going up month by month? Yes, rates are increasing. But the part you can control is your energy usage. Your older home is becoming less energy efficient over time. That’s harming the planet, costing you money, and making your home uncomfortable. You are probably noticing drafts, hot and cold spots, and excess humidity.

Your home can waste energy in many ways. So where do you start to make improvements that save energy, lower your bills, and improve comfort? 

Start with a home energy audit. Here’s what homeowners in Westchester need to know.


Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

Benefits of Ductless AC Systems

When it comes to HVAC, most property owners know that their homes or business need a) a furnace and b) an air conditioner. Of course to find the right unit for your needs you need to evaluate the size, brand, and budget to name a few. What many home and business owners might not be aware of is that the standard furnace or the traditional AC system are not your only options. Aside from equipment such as a boiler or a geothermal heat pump one of the most popular forms of alternative cooling is the ductless AC system.


What to Do When Your Pipes Freeze in the Winter?

Pipes Frozen – What To Do Now?

Unless you’re a skier or enjoy ice fishing, there really isn’t a lot to look forward to during the cold months. Our first priority is always going to be to make sure ourselves, as well as our friends, family, and pets, are safe as the mercury continues to plunge. The protection of your home from the cold temps is also critical this time of year. Prevention is always the top priority – but here’s what to do when your pipes freeze in the Winter:


Owning a Back Up Generator

Should I Get A Generator for my Home?

Here in the New York and Connecticut areas, strong summer storms often result in power outages. A potent gust of wind can cause a branch to slam onto a utility line and leave your home without electricity for hours at a time.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should buy a generator for your home, there are some situations that favor owning a residential generator you might want to take into consideration. Let’s examine a few of these situations to determine whether they’re likely to affect you and your family.


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